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The Crisp Name Challenge!

See Lexi, Dan and Ky put their crisp knowledge to the test. Who will emerge as the winner?

No matter what nutrition experts might say, crisps are awesome – snack royalty!

They make the perfect snack and are an essential part of any packed lunch.

Here at Beano, we take pride in knowing every time of crisp there is and sometimes wander into our local newsagent just to stare at all the different packets.

Well, that’s until the shop assistant comes over and asks what we’re doing.

But could we name all these wonderful treats in a competitive scenario? That’s when The Crisp Name Challenge comes in.

A pile of crisps falling through the air

We put Lexi, Dan and Ky to the test and see how many brands they can reel off. As you’ll find out, they get really frazzled under pressure.

The game is simple. Name a crisp, and if you hesitate… you FAIL!