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Decorate this Christmas Tree and We’ll Tell You What Sort Of Present You’ll Get!

What do you want more? A lump of coal or an amazing day out? It all depends on your tree decorating skills!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Let's do this!

1/10 A group of Christmas trees

First things first. What sort of tree should you have?

2/10 A Christmas tree with a sock stuck on top

What's the first thing should you put on the tree?

3/10 A cat laughing at some colourful Christmas tree lights

What kind of lights does your tree need?

4/10 A broken bauble

How many baubles do you have?

5/10 Christmas baubles

How many will you put on the tree?

6/10 A man wearing silver and gold tinsel

What sort of tinsel should go on next?

7/10 Some holding an oversized bauble

What next?

8/10 A dog surrounded by fancy tinsel

Do you think your tree might need some more tinsel?

9/10 Someone holding a big bar of chocolate

Can you put some chocolates on the tree without eating any? 

10/10 Person giving a well decorated tree a thumbs up

What should you put on the top of the Christmas tree?

You'll get: A LUMP OF COAL!

Decorating a tree is a serious business and you've just messed about! 


Your tree-decorating skills are OK, so here's a tasty treat!

A bike from the future


We're very impressed with your tree decorating skills, so here's a bike that's literally just been invented!

A man in space looking very happy

You'll get: A DAY OUT IN SPACE!

Seeing as you've decorated your tree so well, we think that deserves the best present in the world!