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Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! Series 1 – Episodes 16-20 Highlights!

Your ultimate guide to episodes 16 to 20 of your favourite show!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  February 13th 2018

Episode 16: The Wonder Sausage

Butch Butcher is hosting the one-of-a-kind Wonder Sausage in his Beanotown shop – a sausage that smells so good, Gnasher will do anything to get a bite!It turns out that our favourite wire-haired tripe hound can be hypnotised and controlled by whoever holds the Wonder Sausage. When Walter finds out, disaster strikes! Can Dennis save the day, and win back his best friend? Find out more about this episode here!

Episode 17: Jurassic Bark

Gnasher digs up a bone from a Gnashersaurus Rex, one of his ancient dinosaur ancestors. A strange new scientist finds out about the dinosaur, and locks the area down to start an excavation.But behind the barriers, she tries to use DNA from the bone to clone a real life Gnashersaurus Rex! Now, with a giant dinosaur running around Beanotown, Walter plans to capture it and use it for his own evil plans. Can Dennis and the gang put a stop to Walter’s rampage?Find out more about this episode here!

Episode 18: Screwtop in Love

In this episode, Rubi and the gang try to find her dad a girlfriend! His dates don't go well – until he meets the mysterious Wilburcorp scientist Dr Pfooflepfeffer. Things are going great until Rubi begins to suspect that the mad scientist isn’t just interested in her father, but actually in some of his secret science blueprints.Rubi and her friends have a new mission – to break up the Prof and his new crush... before it’s too late!Find out more about this episode here!

Episode 19: The Great Beanotown Bake Off

In this episode of Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!, Walter and Pieface go head-to-head in the great Beanotown Bake Off!The Beanotown Bake Off is going to be judged by Cherry Bakewell, everybody’s favourite baker – and Pieface is her biggest fan! Pieface and Dennis make it their goal to beat the other contestants and win. The whole gang start practising their pies, but find that none of them can compete with Walter.Who will win? Find out more about this episode here!

Episode 20: Why So Clonely

When Dennis loses one of his brand new football boots – the ones he earned by promising to do extra chores - he asks Professor von Screwtop for help. The Prof offers to clone a mirror image of the remaining footy boot in his quantum duplicator.Out pops a boy who looks like Dennis, but who is actually the exact opposite - a kid who loves to behave and follow rules, and even speaks backwards! Will the clone play by Dennis's rules, or will some weird science happen with Walter?Find out more about this episode here!