Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! Series 1 - Episode 17: Jurassic Bark

In this episode of Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!, an ancient Beanotown dinosaur is brought back to life!

In this episode, an ancient Beanotown dinosaur is brought back to life! 

Gnasher digs up a bone from a Gnashersaurus Rex, one of his ancient dinosaur ancestors. A strange new scientist finds out about the dinosaur, and locks the area down to start an excavation. 

But behind the barriers, she tries to use DNA from the bone to clone a real life Gnashersaurus Rex! Now, with a giant dinosaur running around Beanotown, Walter plans to capture it and use it for his own evil plans. 

Dennis and the gang have to put a stop to Walter’s rampage, and find a home for their new dino pal!

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