Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! Series 1 - Episode 16: The Wonder Sausage

In this episode of Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!, Gnasher is hypnotised by a mysterious and powerful sausage. Can Dennis and the gang snap him out of his trance?

In this episode, the gang tries to stop Gnasher being hypnotised by the world's tastiest sausage! 

Butch Butcher is hosting the one-of-a-kind Wonder Sausage in his Beanotown shop – a sausage that smells so good, Gnasher will do anything to get a bite - seriously! 

It turns out that our favourite wire-haired tripe hound can be hypnotised and controlled by whoever holds the Wonder Sausage. When Walter finds out, disaster strikes! He steals the sausage from Butch, and commands Gnasher to keep Dennis and the gang at bay while he takes over Beanotown. 

With a relentless hound like Gnasher at his side, Walter gets his every wish. Can Dennis save the day, and win back his best friend?

Episode Trivia!

The Spectacular Sausage Quiz!


Who does Butch Butcher say owns the Wonder Sausage?


What does Pieface shout when the gang are searching for Gnasher?


How does Pieface make Paul jealous?


What’s the name of Dennis’s super cool new best friend?


What does JJ say her middle name is?

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