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Do Your Elf a Favour!

Can you make this Elf's day a bit better by helping her with Christmas prep?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 7th 2021

This is Noelle O'Yuletide, a slightly stressed-out Elf from the North Pole. She's been so busy making other people's Christmas presents that she's forgotten to organise anything fun for herself!

Can you help her save Christmas?


Noelle is choosing a Christmas tree for her living room. Which one should she buy?


She also needs to get a nice present for her mum. What should she get?


Noelle's idiot brother Choc-log O'Yuletide has gone out and bought a seagull instead of a turkey for their dinner. It's not even dead yet! What should Noelle do?

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Which of these things should Noelle do with her family on Christmas eve?


Choose some things to put in your stockings:


It's Christmas morning! What should Noelle eat for breakfast?


Father Christmas is in a bad mood and wants to do a video call to complain about the reindeer again. But Noelle's busy helping her dad peel some spuds. What should she do?


It's finally time to eat dinner! But dad put the potatoes on late so they're still a bit hard in the middle. What do you do?


Granny's accidentally put Branston pickle in the mince pies instead of mincemeat. What should Noelle do?

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Christmas is over. What should Noelle do next?

Best Christmas Ever!

Wahoo! Great advice! Noelle the Elf had an awesome time with her family - even with the seagull and raw potato!

Christmas is saved!

Phew! It got a bit hairy back there but Christmas was a success! Good advice!

Christmas is RUINED!

Oh no! It all got too much! In between the seagull, angry santa and raw potatoes Christmas went horribly wrong!