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The Easy Christmas Quiz: It's Tree-Mendous!

We've put together the perfect easy Christmas quiz! We're asking all the best and easiest Christmas questions! Have a go and see how many questions you get right!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  December 2nd 2021

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What fruit is traditionally eaten at Christmas?


Where does Father Christmas live?


What day is Christmas?


What do you leave out for Santa Claus to put presents in?


What goes on top of a Christmas tree?


Which of these is NOT one of Santa's reindeer?


How many days of Christmas are there traditionally?


What bird is eaten at Christmas?


Which of these people came to visit the baby Jesus?


Complete this carol; 'Good King Wenceslas looked out...'

Brilliant! You've absolutely aced this easy Christmas quiz! Have a mine pie to celebrate!

Well done, you're a big Christmas fan!

You got a couple right, but we know you know more about Christmas than that!

Oh no! Looks like you need to go back to Christmas basics! Have another go!