Elephant Jokes

Funny elephant jokes for you to shake your trunk at...

Elephants have a long memory - can you memorise these funny elephant jokes? Once you've mastered them, check out our animal jokes or horse around with a hoofload of horse jokes.

Why do you never see elephants hiding up trees?

Because they're really good at it!

What time is it when an elephant steps on your golf ball?

Time to get a new ball!

What time is it when an elephant sits on your LEGO fort?

Time to build a new LEGO fort!

Why did the elephants get kicked out of the swimming pool?

Because they couldn’t keep their trunks up!

What do you call an elephant that can't stop cleaning?


What did the elephant want for his birthday?

A trunk full of gifts!

What do you call an elephant in a phone box?


What do elephants wear to go swimming?


How many elephants can you put into an empty stadium?

One - after that it isn't empty!

Why did the elephant quit the circus?

He was being paid peanuts!

What’s the difference between an elephant and a biscuit?

You can't dip an elephant in your tea!

What do you get if you cross an elephant with a sparrow?

Broken telephone wires!

How do you stop an elephant charging?

Take away its credit card!

What’s blue and has big ears?

An elephant at the North Pole!

Why are elephants wrinkled?

Have you tried ironing one?

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