Horse Jokes

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Hay you! Check out these funny horse jokes...

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What did the mother horse say to the foal?

It's way pasture bed time!

What do you call someone who is smart compared to horses?

A stable genius!

What's a horses favourite TV drama?


What is a horse’s favourite song lyric?

Now watch me whip, now watch me nay, nay!

What’s a horse's favourite cheese?


Why did Woody give Bullseye some cough syrup?

Because he was horse!

Why couldn't Cinderella use horses to pull the Pumpkin Coach?

Because they were too busy playing stable tennis!

What's the best kind of cheese to use to disguise a small horse?


What kind of horse is good at swimming?

A seahorse!

When does a horse talk?

Whinny wants to!

Who was the horse's favourite footballer?


Why did the horse sneeze?

Hay fever!

How do horses say hello?


What type of horses only go out at dark?


Did you hear about the sad horse?

He told a tale of whoa!

What game do horses like best?

Stable tennis!

What is a horse’s favourite TV show?


What do you ask a sad horse?

Why the long face?

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