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Elf Improvement

Can you help the world's worst elf sort his act out? Or will he end up getting the sack?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 7th 2021

This is Phrololo O'Yolo, a part-time elf from the North Pole. Over the summer months he works as an accountant for an insurance firm in Batley.

But Phrololo has a problem!

Christmas is almost here and he's completely forgotten how to be a proper elf. He's in a right state! Can you help him out? 


The other elves will expect Phrololo to have made a load of cool new toys. But he hasn't made any! What should he do?


Phrololo is planning on bringing Father Christmas a gift from Batley, but has totally forgotten what he likes. What should he get him?


How do you get to the North Pole from Batley?


How should Phrololo greet Father Christmas when he sees him?


Phrololo is packing for his trip back to the North Pole. Should he pack his Cavalier outfit?


Phrololo is about to board his hyper-sled to the North Pole, but he needs some new clothes!What should Phrololo wear?


Phrololo has finally arrived at the North Pole! The other elves are already working really hard, and look a bit annoyed that he's turned up so late. What should he do?


Father Christmas has had some complaints from the other elves about Phrololo's attitude. He calls him to his office and gives one last chance to keep his job. If he answers this question wrong, Father Christmas will have to give Phrololo the sack.So, what is the real meaning of Christmas?

Phrololo is totally ready for Christmas!

Phew! He didn't get the sack! That was close though. He'd better get his act together for next year!

Phrololo has one more chance!

OK - Father Christmas didnt give you the sack, but it was close. He's really got to buck his ideas up for next year - and you should've given him some better advice!

Phrololo got the sack!

You didn't help out at all! Just look at this poor guy now!