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"En Chante" How Sophisticated Am I Quiz?

Are you an "awite mate?" or an "ooooh-lala!"? Find out how fancy you really are with this extra-silly sophisti-quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 8th 2022

Champagne or orange squash? Toast or baked pheasant? Answer these questions and we'll work out where you are on the sophistication scale!

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Name this dog:


What are you eating for dinner tonight?


And what are you using to eat it with?


How do you drink hot drinks?

@tolivealie | giphy

What do you do when your favourite song comes on?


How funny are farts?


Which of these things would you rather do on holiday?

@outsidetv | giphy

What did you get your mum last Christmas?


Someone just bumped into you in a corridor. What do you do?


Which of these is the most fun?

You're utter riffraff!

You're the opposite of sophisticated - you burp, climb trees and eat cake with your hands. And you're happy! So who cares? Leave the vintage lobster tuxedos to the poshos! Or whatever those folk like.

You're pretty sophisticated!

You sometimes pretend to be sophisticated, but everyone knows deep down that you're not. And to be honest, it's more fun to not be!

You're very sophisticated!

You can easily pass as a posho at a fancy party, and nobody would ever question your manners or tastes. You're not over the top sophisticated though, and still know how to have fun. Just don't try and talk to anyone about football, because it'll end badly.

You're super sophisticated!

You must be descended from Royalty, or at least watched enough Downton Abbey to be able to pretend. You have excellent manners, and the finest tastes in all things. Obviously this probably makes you a bit hoighty-toighty too, but you're fine with that.