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Nickname Quiz: What Should Yours Be?

Sick of your nickname? Find out what it should REALLY be with another of our ridiculous personality quizzes!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 1st 2022

Everyone needs a nickname - but unfortunately you don't usually get to pick it. It has to be matched to your personality by someone who knows you well... and today, that person is actually an online quiz! So answer these questions and we'll tell you what your nickname should really be!

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What was the last thing you ate?


Pick a hat:


What is the meaning of life?


Pick a hobby:

@nbcthevoice | giphy

Pick a catchphrase:


Your favourite music is...


What's your secret talent?

@mileycyrus | giphy

Pick a celebrity:


Where would you rather go on holiday?


Who's your best mate?


You've got a classic posh English nickname! You probably go boating, read Enid Blyton and eat lots of strawberries and cream. If not, we apologise and please feel free to take this quiz again.

Poot Gufferson!

Your nickname is based on your ability to rip massive farts on demand. Not fair? Sorry! Try the quiz again!

The Rumpus!

Your nickname is mysterious (it has a "the" in it), and tells everyone that wherever you go you bring a whirlwind of party vibes and absolutely banging tunes. You often use words like "bro", and also sometimes "brah" and "bruuuuh!"

Splatborg 524282/8268V!

Your nickname isn't catchy (at all) - but that's probably because you're actually a highly-advanced cybernetic organism. Some people wonder if your nickname is a nickname at all, but what they don't realise is Splatborg 524282/8268V is actually short for Splatborg 524282/8268V O'Conlon Rafferty McTerrence Esq. Makes more sense, right?