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Take This Test to Find Out What Kind of Bread You Are

Ever asked yourself "what type of bread am I?" - No? Well it's about time you did!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  September 6th 2022

Time to find out the answer to that ancient and important question...

What bread am I?


Pick a meal:


Which of these sandwiches would you rather eat?


Your favourite breads are...

@marmiteofficial | giphy

What do you think of Marmite?


Where would you rather go on holiday?

@teddysphotos | instagram

You can only do one of these things from now on. The other 3 you'll never do again. Choose now!

@pbs | giphy

What's your favourite thing about Bake Off?


Who makes the best bread?


9/11 Pick one of these fancy breads:


Banana bread is...


Pick one:

You're Sourdough!

You're fashionable, popular and always up on the latest trends. But some might say you're full of hot air! Like the bubbles in sourdough? Geddit?Never mind.

You're a sliced wholemeal loaf!

You're wholesome and reliable, and get on well with pretty much anything - whether it's jam, peanut butter, marmite, or tinned mackerel and coleslaw. You know, normal sandwich fillings.

You're a wrap!

You're one of the best breads out there, but massively underrated. You can be almost anything, a burrito, a breakfast wrap, even a kind of really lazy pizza.

You're a battenburg cake!

You're not even a bread! But do you care? No!