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Epic French Food Quiz

Do you know your Fois Gras from your Frites?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Epic French Food Quiz

1/8 Sandwich

What's the right name for this toasted sandwich?

2/8 Fois Gras with question mark

What is Fois Gras?

3/8 Dessert

Which dessert is this?

4/8 Bread

What's the French for 'bread'?

5/8 Frog

Which of these animal dishes is NOT traditionally eaten in France?

6/8 Spaghetti Cabonara

Which of these dishes is French?

7/8 Steak and chips

What's the French for 'steak and chips'?

8/8 Croissant

What does 'croissant' mean?

Remy and the word delicious
Disney Pixar

Delicious! You are a French food expert!

Yum result and remy
Disney Pixar

Yum! You know a thing or two about French food!

Try again result with Louis the chef

Hmm, you know a little bit but why not try again? 

Yuk result with Remy and emoji
Disney Pixar

Zut alors! You don't know French food at all! But you can always improve your knowledge by retaking the quiz!