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Every Explanation of Atlantis!

Every possible explanation for the famous undersea lost city!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  April 12th 2017

The legendary Lost Kingdom of Atlantis has fascinated people for centuries

Was there once a magnificent city that sank beneath the waves? Maybe! Maybe not! What could the real story have been? 

POSSIBILITY 1: There was a flood that got kind of exaggerated

In about 6500BC, the Black Sea doubled in size within about a year so a lot of small towns had to be abandonedMaybe this got exaggerated over the years when people retold it until they were saying it was a HUGE civilisation! 

POSSIBILITY 2: It was Antarctica

One theory formulated in the 1950s is that before Antarctica was where it is now, it was further North and warmer. Then, when it drifted South, everywhere froze. But we're more clever now than in the 1950s and can properly say that this theory is nonsense!


Someone always thinks aliens are responsible. Maybe aliens took the city away? 

POSSIBILITY 4: It's kind of rubbish!

Most of what we 'know' about Atlantis comes from an old philosopher called Plato, who might have just made it up. It's a cool story, right?