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Everything About the Take the L Dance!

All you need to know about this awesome Fortnite emote!

Have you seen the Take the L dance? It’s another awesome Fortnite emote. ‘Take the L’ stands for take the loss! It’s a phrase often used in sports games.

You can earn the dance at Tier 31 of the Season 3 Battle Pass in Fortnite

French footie star Antoine Griezmann often does the dance to celebrate when he scores for Athletico Madrid! He’s always doing it! Now loads of people have been trying to do it! 

Can you do the Take the L dance? Watch the video now to see some of the best attempts!

But how do you do it?!

Start by making an ‘L’ for loser sign on your forehead with your finger and thumb.

And then?

Then you kick your legs outwards and up and down – but make sure you get the moves right!