Everything You Need To Know To Write Jokes!

A handy step-by-step to help you write the perfect joke!

 So, you want to write some amazing jokes? Well, we've got everything hear to make sure you're word perfect! Just follow this handy step-by-step guide and see what happens!

Choose a Subject

Firstly, what do you want to do a joke about? It could be anything! Trees, your dog, a city, ice cream - whatever you fancy! On Beano.com we've got loads of topics - everything from Donkey Jokes to Shoe Jokes! For this example, lets choose a banana, the funniest fruit there is. 

Banana on banana background

Create a word map

This is where you get all your great ideas from - write down as many worlds as possible that are associated with bananas or rhyme with them. This is where you'll find puns and other things to make your joke hilarious! For this list, we got: banana, pyjamas, peel, peeling, yellow, fruit, slippery, banana skin, monkeys, crazy, panorama and piranha! 

Woman writing and thinking

Decide what sort of joke you want to write

Is it going to be a pun (A play on words)? Or a knock knock joke? Maybe you're going to ask what the difference is between a banana and something else?

Monkey with banana

Play around

Practise different types of joke with the same subject until your completely sick of bananas. Here's some we came up with:

Pun/question: How does Bananaman answer his phone? He says 'Yellow?'

Pun: Why are bananas so great? I dunno, I just find them really a-peeling! 

Doctor Doctor: Doctor Doctor, I think I'm ill, I'm yellow all over. Dr: Don't worry, that's the right colour, you're a banana! 

Situation: What do you call a banana with four wheels? A bendy bus! 

Did you hear about the banana who wouldn't pay for his shopping? He was a bit of a slippery customer! 

There you go - loads of jokes about one thing - bananas! So imagine how many more you could write about other stuff!

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Girl holding banana as phone on yellow background


Get out a pen and paper and start writing down as many variations of your joke as you can think of - you won't get the perfect one right away! 

Woman laughing on orange background

Test your jokes

Find a trusted friend, family member or pet and try the joke on them. Ask what they think and if they have any ways of making it better - be open to new ideas, they're only trying to help!

Crowd smiling and applauding


Perform your joke! Get a crowd together (online if necessary) and perform your jokes to them. Don't forget to be confident and loud, and deliver your jokes as clearly as possible! You don't want them missing the punchline!

Microphone on stage

Enjoy your new found celebrity

How did it go? Did everyone wee themselves with laughter? If so, congratulations! If not, never mind, it's all part of the process of helping you get to that perfect joke. 

People laughing around laptop

Keep practising

Now that you've had a go, the only thing you need to do to improve is to keep practising! Keep an eye out for interesting words, funny scearios or puns everywhere you go, and try and think about how to make a situation funny. 

Woman with banana on yellow background

Keep finding inspiration

We've got hundreds of hilarious jokes on Beano.com on every subject you could think of! Have a look at them and see if they inspire your own jokes! Check them out here!

Feet and banana peel

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