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Shoe Jokes

These jokes are a shoe-in for funniest ever!

These funny jokes are shoe-er to make you laugh! 

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What kind of shoes do aeroplanes wear?

High heels!

How do you make trainers out of trees?

Wooden shoe like to know!

What kind of shoes do mice wear?


What did the clown say to his apprentice?

You’ve got some big shoes to fill!

What kind of jokes do shoelaces tell?

Knot knot jokes!

What do you call a French man in sandals?

Philippe Philoppe!

Why don’t you ever see a grizzly in socks and shoes?

Because they have bear feet!

Which animal wears shoes to bed?

A horse!

What kind of shoes does Captain Hook hate?


What sort of shoes do artists wear?


Why shouldn’t you buy Velcro shoes?

They’re a rip off!

How do shoes talk?

They converse!

What do you call two banana peels?

A pair of slippers!

What kind of shoes do geese wear?

Duck Martens!

What sort of shoes does bread wear?


What sort of sandals do frogs wear?

Open toad!

What sort of shoes do spies wear?


Why is it bad to work in a shoe reclying centre?

It’s sole destroying!

What did the hat say to the shoe?

I’ll go on ahead, you go on afoot!

What does a trainer say when it sneezes?

A shoe!

What did the shoe say to the other shoe?

You’re bootiful, fancy going for a walk?!