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FIFA 18 – Are You As Angry As These Guys?

What happens when you miss a goal in the world's greatest footie game? You get mad, that's what!

You’ve been having a great game of FIFA then suddenly – wham! Your striker misses a sitter! Seriously? How bad can they be?

You may have Harry Kane up front or even Marcus Rashford, but that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a win – because even top footie stars can miss the back of the net.

And when your team do miss, how do you react? That’s right, you get angry! But do you get as angry as these guys?

From smashing your Xbox to pummelling your PlayStation, nothing’s safe from an angry FIFA player, so if you feel yourself getting stressed, take a deep breath and relax!

And if that doesn’t work? Well, just watch this video of fuming FIFA players and you might just think twice about getting in a bad mood!

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