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20 Fox Jokes That You'll Never Fur-Get!

Are you ready for the greatest collection of fox jokes in the world?

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  December 22nd 2021

Here's a selection of jokes so sly and cunning, you'll be laughing before realise why!

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What do you call a fox in a library?

Well red!

Why did the artist take ages to draw a fox?

They paid too much attention to detail!

Why should you never make a fox annoyed?

Because they never fur-get a face!

What do you call a fox with headphones on?

Anything you want, because they can't hear you!

How does a fox keep up to date with current events?

They watch Fox News!

What web browser does a fox use?


How does a fox get down a snowy mountain?

They sly-de!

What do you call a fox that can pick up an elephant?

Very strong!

Baby elephant sitting on its side

What DID the fox say?

Nothing because it's a fox!

How does a fox know when it's going to rain?

It checks the weather fur-cast!

What does a fox sit on?


What video game do foxes like to play?


What is a fox's favourite type of coffee?

A fur-appucino!

What is a fox's favourite dance move?

The foxtrot?

A fox on its hind legs wearing black shoes

Why do foxes have a winter coat? 

Because they'd get tangled up in a scarf!

Why did the fox chase the rabbit?

It fancied some fast food!

A fox running while wearing blue trainers

What was the young fox's favourite baseball team?

Chicago Cubs!

How do foxes travel?

Fur-st class!

What did the fox use to make their crops grow better? 


Why did the fox cross the road?

Because they wanted the chicken's autograph!