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Funniest Family Face – Get Inspired!

Want top tips to pull great gurns? Check out some of our fave entries so far to get the ideas going!

Want to take part our Britain’s Funniest Family competition but don’t know what you want to do yet? 

Don’t fret! 

We’ve got a great guide to getting the giggles going right here – just checkout some of of fave entries from the Funniest Family Prank category for some top tips for funny business.

Get a helping hand

Don’t know what kind of funny face to pull? Fear not – you’ve got your family to help you out by giving you something to make a funny face about.In this case, it’s a cheeky fart – and we wouldn’t blame you from making a funny face following this kind of bottom burp! We’re just glad we don’t have to smell it!

Talk to the face

When it comes to pulling a funny face, never be afraid to go for the classics – and this face pulling video is a great example of the traditional style.He’s got it all, the eye roll, the mouth shape, making a funny noise – it’s going to be hard to be such a formidable contender!