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Funniest Family Jokes – Get Inspired!

Need a guide to getting the giggles? Check out some of our fave entries so far to get the ideas going!

Want to take part our Britain’s Funniest Family competition but don’t know what you want to do yet? 

Don’t fret! 

We’ve got a great guide to getting the giggles going right here – just checkout some of of fave entries from the Funniest Family Jokes category for some top tips for funny business.

Great gags

If you want to tell a good joke, it helps to have some funny stuff to say – so think about what you find funny! If you want some ideas, we’ve got loads of jokes on, so have a rummage through and see what gets you giggling.And once you’ve found something you like, take a tip from the young comedian in this video – she’s got her stand-up style just right. Great gag, perfect delivery, lots of laughs!

Try a double act

When it comes to comedy, pairing up with a pal to form a double act can be a great way to get the laughs going. Well, it works for ant and Dec, so why not for you?So if find yourself needing a bit of a comedic company, why not rope in a grown-up, a brother, a sister or perhaps even a pet to see if it sparks the lolz.It’s certainly worked well for these two and their dinosaur joke – and proves having a partner can turn gag-telling into a jurassic lark.