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Funniest Family Song and Dance – Get Inspired!

Want to know how to get funny feet? Check out some of our fave entries so far to get the ideas going!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Want to take part our Britain's Funniest Family competition but don't know what you want to do yet? 

Don't fret! 

We've got a great guide to getting the giggles going right here - just checkout some of of fave entries from the Funniest Family Song and Dance category for some top tips for funny buisness.

Practise your routine

Unless you've appeared on Strictly before (we're talking to you, Joe Sugg!) then you'll probably benefit from rehearsing your dance moves a bit.Take this pair for example - it's great performance, clearly worked on this before and the dedication shows. Synchronised arm swooshes? Check. Pretend underwater swimming? Check.It's a funny dance - but would you be brave enough to do it at the school Christmas party?!

Choose the right music

It doesn't matter what music you choose, just make sure it's something you like to dance to.This lot clearly know how to select the right song for them - look at them go! A fine example of the funny dance from this tabletop trio - Mum gives it a good go but at the end of the day, the kids are showing their parents how it's done. No surprise there!