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18 of the Funniest Aladdin Jokes of All Time

Have you been searching Ja-far and wide for funny Aladdin jokes? Well look no further!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

It doesn't take a geni-us to know that these Aladdin jokes will have your sides splitting! 

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What's Aladdin's least favourite type of sea food?

Street urchin!

Why did Jafar take the day off?

He had his staff fill in!

Why is Jafar bad at dating?

He isn't charming enough!

What kind of tests did Jafar sit in school?


Why did Jafar not finish school?

He was ex-spelled!

What kind of dog does Jafar own?

A Labracadabrador!

Why does Jasmine's tiger only eat raw meat?

Because he doesn't know how to cook!

Why does Jasmine want a lion?

Because her tiger has the mane part missing!

What's does Jafar eat after dinner?


What does Aladdin say when he sneezes?


What is Aladdin's favourite type of tea?

Jasmine and camel-mile tea!

Why did Jasmine go to the fruit stand in the Marketplace?

She was looking for a date!

Why did Aladdin wish for a new sat nav?

He wanted to know if he's was near or Ja-far!

Why did Aladdin's lamp hum?

Because the genie inside it didn't know the words!

What kind of pet did Aladdin have?

A flying car-pet!

What did Aladdin do when he lost his lamp?

He used a candle instead!

Do you know what's inside Aladdin's lamp?

It would take a genie-us to find out!

What is Aladdin's favourite pokémon?


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