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10 Things We Want To See In The Great British Bake Off 2020

From exploding cakes to robot judges, here's how to make Bake Off even better!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

1. More exciting shirts!

Noel Fielding is known for wearing colourful shirts, but we'd like to see him step it up this year. How about a shirt made entirely from dog hair? Or an invisibility poncho so all we can see is his head floating about?

@noel_fielding | instagram

2. More Cakes

It's pretty much guaranteed that there will be cakes this year. But imagine how ANGRY everyone would be if there weren't any!

3. Exotic Pies

Cakes are all well and good, but we think it's high-time that the contestants start experimenting with some more unusual recipes. How's about swan and pineapple pie? Or an acorn and belly-button fluff sausage roll?

4. Lots more "soggy bottom" jokes

It wouldn't be GBBO without lots of rude jokes about bottoms. Soggy ones, in particular. 

5. Paul Hollywood doing a GNARLY 10 minute drum solo

And doing the thing where he flips the drumsticks, catches them and then keeps on playing. Like this guy does. Come on, Paul. We know you can do it!

@cheezburger | giphy

6. Sentient Bread

We're hoping this year one of the contestants will bake some bread with a mind of it's own! Maybe a thick-sliced granary cob that can solve puzzles, or use simple tools like chimpanzees do. Hey contestants, use your loaf!

7. Dubbing Prue Leith's Voice

We love Prue Leith! She's a great judge and knows LOADS about food. But this year it might be funny to edit out her normal voice, and replace it with a really squeaky one, or simply the sound of cars honking.

@britishbakeoff | giphy

8. A New Ice Skating Round

We're hoping this year's bake-off will feature an all-new ice skating round, where contestants have to bake things whilst sliding around on huge, slippery sheet of ice. Extra points could be awarded for balance and style, and points deducted for falling over and getting cake everywhere.

9. Prank Cakes

This year, were hoping that some of the cakes randomly explode when tasted by the judges. Not all of them though! It has to be a surprise. 

10. The Return of Mecha Berry

Thar's right, we want Mary Berry back! But not just regular Mary Berry - we want a 50ft robot spider Mary Berry! With lasers and soggy-bottom seeking missiles!