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20 Great British Bake Off Jokes To Take the Biscuit

Looking to be caked with laughs? Look no further! Here at Beano, we've been cooking up a storm of giggles!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  August 11th 2021

Have a field day laughing at these Great British Bake Off jokes... even Paul Hollywood wouldn't turn his nose up at these! 

Why not drizzle your day with some food, broccoli or carrot jokes! 

Whats Mary Berry's favourite film?

Loaf Actually!

What did the bag of flower say to the loaf of bread?

I saw you yeast-erday!

Why have they stopped making doughnuts on the Great British Bake Off?

They were tired of the hole thing!

What does Paul Hollywood say after making a joke?

No bun intended!

What do you call a Bake Off contestant who quits?

A desserter!

What do you get if you put Cola in the oven?

Baking soda!

Mary Berry forgot to buy baking paper...

Looks like her cooking will be foiled again!

What do you call Bake Off contestants who are obsessed with baking?

Real dough-nuts!

Why does Mary Berry never share her bread recipe?

It's on a knead to know basis!

What happened when the Bake Off contestant put washing soda in a cake instead of baking soda?

It left everyone frothing at the mouth!

Noel Fielding is bad at 2 things: baking and puns...

But at least he will try and make you loaf!

Why is Prue Leith such a fast runner?

Because when she runs, she scone!

People were so upset when Mary Berry left Bake Off...

Even the cake was in tiers!

How do Bake Off contestant know their cakes are done?

Noel Fiel-DING!

Which Bake Off judge comes from Ireland?

Mary Derry!

What competition do fish enter?

The Great British Hake Off!

A goldfish in water wearing a black shark fin

Why do none of the judges get a word in edge ways on the Great British Bake Off?

Because Sandi Toks-big!

Why did the Bake Off contestant get disqualified?

They used a hairy berry!

What competition do gardeners enter?

The Great British Rake Off!

What baking competition do pigs enter?

The Great British Bake On!

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