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The Ultimate Grian Quiz

Test your knowledge on this gaming and YouTube legend!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 4th 2023
Grian | YouTube

What are Grian's cats called?

Grian | Twitter

What year was Grian born?

Grian | YouTube

Where was he born?

4/11 Grian holding a collection of Pokémon cards
@grianmc | Instagram

Which sport does Grian take part in?

5/11 Grian at a Minecraft convention
Grian | YouTube

What's the name of the Minecraft server he co-owns?

Grian | YouTube Minecraft | Mojang Studios

What is 'Grian style'

Grian | YouTube

What type of degree does Grian have?

Grian | YouTube

What's Grian's starsign?

Grian | YouTube

What did Grian want to be when he was younger?

Grian | YouTube

How many YouTube subs does he have?

11/11 A screen shot from Minecraft
Grian | YouTube

What is Grian’s most viewed YouTube video?

Mincraft | Mojang Studios

Incredible! You know everything there is to know about Grian!

Mincraft | Mojang Studios

Well done, you've proved you know a lot about this awesome YouTuber!

Not bad, but there's loads more to know about Grian, so have another go!

Oh no! Looks like someone needs to go back to Grian's videos and watch them all over again! Have fun!