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20 Sidemen Jokes and Puns

Behzinga! These 20 side-splitting Sidemen jokes are for gamers, pranksters, or boxing legends (so not KSI, then!)

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  March 31st 2024

If you like watching a bunch of English lads muck about then you're probably already a big fan of the Sidemen! So don't just stand there, have a laugh at these 20 ridiculous jokes about everyone's favourite Youtubers! We've got jokes about KSI, about FIFA, and we've even chucked in some about Chunkz too!

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Ready for the main event?

KSI is the funniest member of the Sidemen

He has great punch lines!

Sidemen thought they could beat Chunkz in a cheese curd eating contest

But there was no whey!

What do you call a boat full of well-behaved Sidemen?

A good sportsmanship!

The Sidemen played a prank on a skydiver

They totally fell for it!

Zerkaa is training to be a professional prankster

He wants to be a sike-ologist!

The Sidemen all got struck by lightning

What happened next will shock you!

Did you hear KSI is giving up professional fighting?

He made an unboxing video!

What did the Sidemen call their latest snail prank video?


Why did KSI go to the art gallery?

He wanted to see Van Gogh’s “Starry Fights”!

What is Vik’s favourite old-timey musician?

Prank Sinatra!

Why does KSI love geometry?

He’s always in the ring!

Miniminter is actually a werewolf

Don't forget to lycan subscribe!

Behzinga is really happy

He’s a content creator!

How do the Sidemen get in swimming pools?

They just jump into it!

What do the Sidemen put on their pizza?

Pineapple Chunkz!

A pineapple and a three colour background

The Sidemen are going to jail

They hit 1 million followers!

The Sidemen used to be funny

Now they’re too diss-track-ted!

KSI is making a pirate eating video


How did the Sidemen go viral?

They caught Influenza!

What’s KSI’s favourite drink?