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21 Internet Jokes You'll Have a Strong Connection With!

We're sure these funny internet jokes will get a great reception! Check them out and see how many make you laugh out loud!

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  December 10th 2021

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Two Wi-Fi routers got married

The reception was amazing!

What do you call a dog with a strong internet connection?


Why shouldn't you open emails about pork and ham?

They're just spam!

I wanted a new toaster but the shop website was too annoying

Too many pop-ups!

Why did the two internet nerds breakup?

There was no real connection

What do Wi-Fi routers do when they like each other?

Go on datas!

What's big, hairy and is always online?

An internyeti!

Why is Superman always on the internet?

He wants to get into krypto-currency!

I changed my password to 'beefstew'

Apparently it wasn't Stroganoff!

Why did the bodybuilder change his password?

It wasn't strong enough!

What's the best food on the internet?

Wireless hotpot!

What did the vicar say at the internet wedding?

'I now pronounce you husband and Wi-Fi!'

Why do horses only go online indoors?

It's the only place they get stable wifi!

What's an internet scammers favourite hobby?


What do fishermen use on the internet?


What chemical is released when you see something funny online?


Why did the chicken cross the internet?

To get to the other site!

Why are spiders so addicted to their phones?

They're always on the web!

What do computers like to eat?


How do trees get on the internet?

They log in!

How do trees get on the internet?

They log in!