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10 Hot Cross Bun Jokes That Are Butterly Great!

Hungry for some toasted hilarity? These thigh-slapping hot cross puns just get butter and butter!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:ย  April 13th 2023

These hot cross bun jokes are a raisin to be cheerful! But if you're looking for even more Easter laughs, you're in the right place - you can crust us! We've got plenty more seasonal gags to put a spring in your step - just check out these bunny jokes, these Easter jokes, or even these cake jokes! And for something a little different, try these Easter riddles!

Anyway, back to these delicious hot cross bun gags!

Who's in charge of Easter?

The Hot Boss Bun!

What do you call a joke about a toasted Easter snack?

A hot cross pun!

I was eating a hot cross bun when I dropped it on my knee

Now I have a bunny!

Hot cross buns are way nicer than cereal

They're so much butter!

How do German hot cross buns say hello?

Gluten tag!

I've been telling everyone about hot cross buns

You know, just raisin awareness!

Where do hot cross buns keep their money?

In a currant account!

Was toasting a hot crossed bun and the power tripped

Must have been a faulty currant!

What do you call a glamourous hot cross bun?

Marilyn Bunroe!

What do you call Bug's Bunny in a sauna with a headache?

A hot cross bunny!