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How To Draw a Bat!

The Summer of Adventure continues in the Creepy Caves, and this week it's bat drawing time!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  March 23rd 2022

You're exploring the depths of Creepy Caves - shadows are flickering about on the walls and pale white caveworms are peeking at you from inside their burrows. Suddenly something whooshes past your ear... was that a bat? Quick - learn how to draw one so your bat scientist friend can identify it!

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You Will Need:

  • Art stuff. Paper and all that - you know the drill by now.

Step 1

Draw a potato-shaped oval. This will become the bat's potato-y body.

Step 2

Give that potato some eyes!

Step 3

And now a cheeky grin! Potatoes love grins.

Step 4

Now draw some fangs. You'll notice that the cheeky grin has now become a bit spooky. This is completely normal.

Step 5

It's time for some bat ears! Bats have amazing hearing, so make sure they're nice and big.

Step 6

Now we're on to the wings! Draw the first part like this!

Step 7

Continue with those bat wings, like so!

Step 8

This is how the wings should look!

Step 9

Now add the feet! Your bat will need those to grip hold of things when it's sleeping upside down.

Step 10

Now fill in the details! You'll want to add some fur, talons, and make the ears 3D.

Step 11

Now your bat is basically done, it's time to colour it in!

Step 12

Congratulations! You just learned how to draw a bat! Now experiment with other kinds of bats - maybe a bat in a cowboy hat? Or an acrobatic bat wrestling a cat? Or a diplomat bat wearing a bat cravat?

Or skip the rhyming and draw a bat firing lasers out of it's eyes? Much better.