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How To Draw a Cactus!

It's out to the Desert of Doom this week - and time to draw a cactus with this spiky summer how-to!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  March 23rd 2022

Feeling sharp? Pick up some pens and learn how to draw this untouchable desert plant!

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You Will Need:

  • Some arty things. Pens, pencils, felt-tips, crayons, squirty cream, your choice.

Step 1

Draw a big ol' sausage. This will turn into a cactus soon, we promise.

Step 2

Add an arm. Or is that a branch?

Step 3

And now add another! This should be just a tiny bit higher or lower than the one on the other side.

Step 4

It's time to add some ridges. This will make your cactus 3D!

Step 5

No cactus would be a cactus without these - it's the spikes! Draw them all over, pointing in all different directions.

Step 6

Now add a flower on top. Here's a fun cactus fact, for you - some cacti have to grow for 50 years before they flower for the first time!

Step 7

Now colour it in! You see how the ridges are a lighter green? That helps the 3D effect and looks real nice (though we say so ourselves!)

You've done it!

Wahoo! You've mastered the basics of drawing a cactus. Now you can experiment! How's about this beast?

Or this one?

Looking sharp! Geddit - cactus?

Keep on cactusing!

Now try some new cacti in different shapes, sizes and colours!