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Hacks on How to Stay Awake!

Feel like you're about to take a trip to Nap City but have stuff to do? Check out these sleep hacks and say goodbye to sudden naps forever!

There’s nothing worse than feeling tired – especially when you want to stay up and have fun with your friends.

Sleep is for boring people!

Here’s how you can win against that snooziness!

1. Move

Go on a quick walk or do some star jumps in your room – whatever it takes to get you feeling pumped!Science says that a 10 minute walk can wake you up for another 2 hours!


2. Wet your eyelids

Yup, this one sounds super weird but it seriously works – we promise we’re not just trying to make you look silly!If you lick your finger and dab your eyelids, it makes your eyelids feel less heavy


3. Take a tactical nap

If you want to feel really smug, take a quick pre-sleepover nap to avoid snooze-town when you’re thereNo one will know and your mates will be crazy impressed when you’re up the latest!


4. Snack wisely

As much as we all love a choccy biscuit, the sugars make you crash and burn pretty quickly, so you’re snoozing in no timeTo be the ultimate Woke Wizard, try a piece of fruit!Boring – but it releases sugar slowly so your energy levels are at their best!Oh, and drink lots of water – that helps too… although it does make you wanna wee more!


5. Splash your face

When you feel like your eyelids are touching the floor, try splashing your face with cold water!This is an absolute classic for waking yourself up and is a huge shock to your snoozy skin’s senses – it REALLY works!Can your guess the easiest way to get rid of those ZZZ’s?Just sleep! Duhhh! Goodnight!