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Elf On The Shelf Quiz: Which One's Yours?

Got an Elf on the Shelf? Answer these questions to find out which one's yours.

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 11th 2021

You can't touch it and it moves in the night when you're sleeping. But which of these adorable, magical creatures is truly yours? While you're here, check out our Cryptic Christmas Movie Emoji Quiz!

1/10 An elf being pelted by snowballs

Is your elf a fan of snowball battles?

2/10 Two elves on a sofa

What sort of movies does your elf like to watch?

3/10 An elf accepts a food delivery

What does your elf like to eat?

4/10 An elf on a bookcase

Where do you normally see your elf when you get up in the morning?

5/10 An elf accepts an odd sock

What does your elf think of socks?

6/10 An elf looking in a mirror

How would you describe your elves' hairstyle?

7/10 A lounge elf

You've been to the shops and return to find the lounge is completely different. What do you notice first?

8/10 An elf next to a Christmas gift

On a scale of 1-10, how loyal would you say your favourite elf was?

9/10 Elf in the snow

Does your elf treat snowy days as if it were summer?

10/10 An arty elf

Is your elf good at crafts?

Elf | Jon Berg, Todd Komarnicki, Shauna Robertson | Jon Favreau | New Line Cinema


Your elf is Buddy Dobbs and loves Christmas more than anything, ever! Smiling is his favourite. 



Your elf is Dobby, who is the most loyal character you'll ever meet. He's fond of socks and will always look after you.

Kellogg's Rice Krispies – Pop!


Your elf is most mischievous of the Rice Krispies representatives, Snap, Crackle and Pop! He dresses in a marching band outfit and we're not sure why. A breakfast time legend!

Elf on the Shelf


Your elf is basically Santa's silent spy, who is sent to your house to make sure you're behaving. They make adults feel a little unsettled, due to their habit of moving around the house when no-one is watching!