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ICarly Jokes

Nothings as funny as iCarly… Apart from these iCarly Jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  April 22nd 2022

If you know who Nevel Papperman is then you are definitely a massive iCarly superfan. If you haven’t seen iCarly then what on Earth have you been doing? It’s Nickelodeon’s classic gag-packed show. It’s the funniest thing on TV but only because the Beano iCarly Jokes page hasn’t made it to TV yet! Check them out!

Spencer: Being a great artist is all about finding the right medium.

Psychic: In the future still no-one will buy your art!

Why is iCarly like a bowl of Whiskers

Because Sam left her for Cat!

iCarly told Spencer his painting was trash!

He brushed it off!

Sam got food poisoning?


What is Sam’s favourite dog?


What is Sam’s favourite food?

iCauliflower Cheese

Why was Zelda sad after watching iCarly’s YouTube videos?

She couldn't find the link in the description!

Spencer: I’m struggling with this new art technique…

Carly: Now you’re a collage dropout too!

Spencer: I’m dropping out of school!

Carly: How hard can Kindergarten be?

Cat: If I’m not allowed to sleep at school…

Why do I have to study at home! 

Why was Cat’s High School report wet?

It was all below C Level!

Why did Cat climb a ladder?

To get to High School!

Carly and Spencer are typical siblings…

They’re always throwing shayd!

What’s the difference between Spencer’s art and a bucket of chicken?

A chicken bucket can feed a family!

Did you hear about all the things that Cat want’s to do before she dies

It’s her Puckett list!

Spencer entered an art competition…

It ended in a draw!

Did you hear about the D’Amelio’s getting a Nickelodeon show?

It’s called iCharli

What did Spencer draw before he went to bed?

His curtains!

What’s Sam’s favourite food?

iCurly fries!

iCarly went to the hairdressers…

She came out iCurly!