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International Christmas Trivia Questions 2022 for Kids!

Do you know what the rest of the world does for Christmas? Find out with this extra-tricky trivia quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 22nd 2022

If you're about to take this quiz in the UK or Ireland, chances are that you might celebrate Christmas Day in the following way: wake up early, open some presents, have breakfast, snack, eat a big Christmas dinner, tell some rubbish Christmas cracker jokes, have some cake, watch a film, have some food, get cosy and watch a festive movie, fall asleep. 

Sounds excellent, right? Well, some people who celebrate Christmas around the world have other awesome traditions when it comes to the big day. So how much do you know about about our international pals? 

Take this quiz and find out if you’re an festive expert!

1/11 Santa Claus on the telephone

Which country BANNED Christmas from 1969 to 1998?


Before turkey, a traditional English Christmas dinner was a pig's head and mustard. True or false?


Which of these is NOT a name for Father Christmas from around the world?


A popular Christmas snack in South Africa is roasted mopane caterpillars. They're crunchy and delicious! True or false?


In Japan, McDonalds is the most popular Christmas meal. True or false?


When do Russians and Greeks celebrate Christmas?


In Venezuela, what do people traditionally do on Christmas morning?


What do Germans traditionally do with gherkins at Christmas time?


Why do Norwegian's hide their brooms on Christmas?


What do Dutch people use instead of Christmas stockings?


Which of these is NOT part of a traditional Russian Christmas dinner?

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