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6 Refeshing Lemonade Fun Facts

When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade fact page! Check out these juicy lemonade facts and feel refreshed!

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  September 23rd 2022

Lemonade is delicious, but how much do you know about lemonade and its history? Find out with these 6 cool lemonade facts! Discover where it originated, how long it's been around, and the crazy amounts of money that have been made on lemonade stands! And if you like this, check out more food facts here! Or how about testing your taste trivia with these food quizzes? We've also got these cool banana facts, and these 50 delicious pizza facts!

1. Lemonade Has Been Around For A Very Long Time

Lemonade has been around for hundreds - if not thousands - of years! The first recorded people to drink lemonade where the Egyptians in the 10th century, although that's not to say people didn't drink it before then! Since then, it's gone through dozens of recipes and countries to become the drink we love today! Lemons (which originated in Asia) would have been a fairly rare and valuable food stuff, and they were often traded for other goods. The Romans also valued lemons, although there's no direct evidence that they had lemonade, there's every possibility they added lemons to their drinks!

2. There Are All Sorts of Different Types Of Lemonade

Lemonade has gone through loads of different variants over the years, depending on what time and place you're in. If you're in the USA, you probably like it with lots of sugar! In the UK, lemonade tends to refer to the fizzy version of the drink. In the Middle East, you might prefer to have your lemonade with added mint leaves, while in India they sometimes like to add ginger and spices!

3. It Really Does Quench Your Thirst

There's a reason you feel so refreshed after drinking lemonade - it really does quench your thirst! There's a scientific reason behind this - sour or tart things, like lemons, stimulate our salivary glands, which helps to stop us feeling thirsty! So now you know, lemonade really is as refreshing as it tastes!

4. The Famous Phrase Also Has A Long History

'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade' is a popular phrase that means to make the best of a bad situation. But where did it come from? It was first used in an obituary (!) in 1915, to describe the subjects optimism in the face of adversity. Since then, its gone on to become such a well known phrase that you don't even need to say the whole thing -'When life give you lemons' will do!

5. There Is A National Lemonade Day

In the USA, the 20th August is National Lemonade Day! This makes sense, as its the perfect time of year for a lemonade! The day is not just about celebrating lemonade, but also about celebrating lemonade stands, a popular way for children to make extra pocket money. Hooray for lemons!

6. Lemonade Stands Started In The 19th Century

Lemonade stands are popular in the USA as a way for children to make a bit of extra pocket money in the summer. But it all started over 100 years ago in 19th century New York, when shopkeepers began selling lemonade as a quick takeaway drink on hot days. Since then they've become associated with childhood and an entrepreneurial spirit! Lemonade stands also help raise money for charity - the most money ever raised was $1 million by Alex's Lemonade Stand, which went towards helping cancer research, and the charity set up in her name has raised a further $50 million! Well done Alex!