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11 Loud House Jokes To Share With Your Sis!

It's time to laugh with Lincoln and the gang, because we've got 11 hilarious Loud House jokes! Check them out and have a giggle!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  June 24th 2023

Loud House is everyone's favourite show, so why not make some NOISE about these Loud House jokes! Share them with your friends, your family, and your ten sisters, if you have them! And we've got more cartoon jokes here! How about some classic Disney jokes? Or maybe you fancy some more TV jokes? And as usual, you can find hundreds more great jokes on our famous jokes hub!

How do the Loud family walk around?

By Lincoln arms!

How easy is it to learn all the Loud sisters names?

It's L-ementary!

What do you call a tree in a crown?

Royal Woods!

What should you do if Lily is upset?

Pacify her!

What do you call Lincoln's home when nobody's in?

The Quiet House!

What did Lincoln say to Luna when she was upset?

Are you having a cry,sis?

Why didn't Lincoln go to Thanksgiving dinner?

He wanted to go cold turkey!

Why was Lori upset that moths got to her golfing jumper?

She didn't want a hole in one!

Which of Lincoln's sisters is always letting you borrow her stuff?


What is Luan's favourite day of the week?


Why is Lincoln's sister so weird?

She's a real Luna-tic!