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Make a Poké Ball Cake!

Gotta bake 'em all - and this great guide will give something to Pika-chew on!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  December 22nd 2016

This is the cake. It's entirely edible.

Except for the little Pikachus, and the copy of Pokémon Yellow, of course

How to Cake It

The host is called Yolanda and she is amazing!

Even though she doesn't know that much about Pokémon, she does make an awesome cake. And at the end she even sings a How to Cake it version of the Pokémon theme song!

How to Cake It

The Poké Ball is actually 2 cakes in 1

Or at least, it started out that way. Each half of the sphere was cooked and decorated separately.

How to Cake It

Some assembly is required

The side with the red icing is carefully stacked on the side with the white icing. And then it's ready for the finishing touches.

How to Cake It

More icing!

This type of icing is actually called fondant and it's great for making shapes and putting the finishing touches on cakes

How to Cake It

Check it out!