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20 Meme Jokes To Rustle Your Jimmies

Whether you like doges, froges or galaxy brains you'll be sure to have a hoot at this ridiculous collection of meme jokes! BOTTOM TEXT

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  March 13th 2024

Everyone loves memes - and there are a lot out there to choose from! Do you like your memes deep-fried? Goofy? How about unhinged? Read on to get a brain-full of extra tasty internet gags! But remember... memes move so fast that these might all be cringe by the time you finish reading them - but we've given it our best shot!

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Why are memes good for the environment?

They’re recycled!

I have this weird obsession with old memes...

Bottom Text!

My friend is so self-centred...

It's all meme meme meme!

What is the opposite of a meme?

A youyou!

Imagine a world without memes

It would be memeingless!

I'm no linguist, but all Germans really appreciate memes

They always say 'feeling dank'!

There are too many "you can't see me" memes out there

I've Cena Nuff!

With great memes...

Comes great repostability!

I made a joke about flu

It went viral!

Nose Jokes
Nose Jokes

What's "meme" in French?


How do you find Australian memes on reddit?

Sort by Hot!

I will never forget the first meme that made me laugh…

It was rather memerable!

I accidentally washed my laptop!

It still works but now all my memes are watermarked!

Why do you need a license for a doge and not for a cat?

Cats can’t drive!

Why did doge cross the road?

To get to the other sode!

Where did the memes make their last stand?

The Aylmao!

What is a rage meme’s favourite cheese?


What is the dankest kind of pizza?


What did the r/memer say to their friend when showing him old memes?

I’ve reddit!

I’m trying to make a meme on breaking bedrock in Minecraft

But it’s way too hard!