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Monday Jokes

Check out Beano's batch of merry Monday jokes! There's enough to cure that monotonous Monday blues and get you through the week!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021

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During the school year, what’s the number one thing kids wish for on Sunday night?

Monday jokes

A foot of snow by morning!

When does Monday come before Sunday?

monday jokes

In the dictionary!

Why did the corrupt calendar go to prison?

monday jokes

Monday laundering!

Why didn’t the skeleton laugh at Monday jokes?

Monday jokes

He didn’t find them humerus!

Why did the cat stay home from school on Monday?

monday jokes

It wasn’t feline well!

How do cheeses greet each other on Monday mornings?

monday jokes

Have a Gouda week!

What did the Cyclops say every Monday morning?

monday jokes

Eye don’t want to get up!

What does Sonic need a lot of on Mondays?

monday jokes


What’s the saddest part of the week?

monday jokes

Monday mourning!

Why was the acid so rude on Monday?

monday jokes

It was a-mean-o-acid!

How do hens feel on Mondays?

Monday jokes


Which day of the week are demons most tired?

Monday jokes

De-Monday, just like everyone else!

If every day is a gift...

Monday jokes

How do you return Monday?!

On Monday morning, rolling out of bed is easy.

Monday jokes

Getting up off the floor is another story!

What word describes Mondays best?

Monday jokes


Which day of the week makes werewolves howl?

Monday jokes


How did Garfield stop the rooster from waking him on Monday morning?

Monday jokes

He ate him on Sunday night!

Do you know why I stay up late on weekends?

Monday jokes

Because sleep is for the week!

What do you call an ant that sells medicines on weekdays and helps a farmer on weekends?

Monday jokes

A farmassistant!

I called the local gym asking if they can train me to do gymnastics. They asked how flexible I am...

Monday jokes

I said, I'm free Monday, Tuesday and Friday!

Mondays aren't so bad...

Monday jokes

Only 48hrs ago it was a sadder day!

Who would win in a fight between Monday and Sunday?

Monday jokes

Sunday... Monday is a weekday!

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