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20 Moomin-credible Jokes!

These jokes are the funniest thing in all of Moominvalley! Join your favourite friends for some wholesome giggles!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  January 15th 2024

You're Moomin for a treat! These jokes will have you giggling so hard the whole valley will hear. Share these jokes with your friends and family - that's the best way to enjoy life, after all!

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What do you call a Moomin in the One Punch Man universe?

Moomin Rider!

What is a Moomin’s favourite musical Studio Ghibli film?

Princess Moominoke!

What do Moomins need when they go diving?


Where do Moomins gather?

The Comoominity Hall!

Why is camping with Snufkin such a big deal?

It’s always an in-tents experience!

Why did the Moomin want to do a marathon?

To get to the Finnish line!

What do you call a Moominvalley resident with a bad cold?


What do you get when you cross a pig and a Moomin?


What do you call yellow Moomins?


Where do Moomins go after they get married?

On a honeymoomin!

What’s the best song to blast at a Moominvalley party?

Dancing In The Moominlight!

What’s a Moomin’s favourite Marvel hero?

Moomin Knight!

What shows do Moomins love most?


Why should you be careful using the internet in Moominvalley?

There might be Moomintrolls!

What was the most important event in Moominvalley in 1969?

The Moomin landing!

Why is Groke always so serious?

Because winter in Moominvalley is snow joke!

Why are Moomins so spontaneous?

They love to live in the Moomint!

What do you call an Australian Moomin?


What’s a Moomin’s favourite anime?

Sailor Moomin!

What do you call a vampire Moomin?