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Rugrats Jokes

Don't get in a pickle... these hilarious Rugrats jokes are kind of a big Dill!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  April 16th 2022

Have a chuckle at these Chuckie-tastic cartoon jokes! You really won't Rugrat these 90's TV wisecracks! Not feeling these? No problem! We've got plenty of other jokes - just check out these Pingu jokes, these Phineas and Ferb jokes, or even these Winnie the Pooh jokes!

Jokes all round!

Is Phil's twin big?

No, she's Lil!

Knock, knock, who's there? Tommy...

Tommy who? Tommy the truth - why's this door locked?

 What is big and scary and lives in the toaster?

A reptart!

Why should Chuckie play basketball someday?

He's already a great dribbler!

 Knock knock, who's there? - Kanger

Kanger who? No, but I do have a pocket!

When people ask how it feels not having kids...

I tell them I have no rugrats!

What did Tommy say when Angelica was being mean to him?

Why don’t you Pickle on someone your own size!

A genie gave me 1 wish, so I replaced some of my words with the names of cartoons

I am having a few Rugrats!

Did you hear Chuckie joined the army?

He’s in the infantry!

Army pants

What’s the difference between Angelica and a duckling?

One's a whiney toddler and the other is a tiny waddler!

A duck watching a fireworks display

Why did Tommy cross the playground?

To get to the other slide!

What do you all Reptar in the snow?

A blizzard!

What happened when Chuckie refused to have a nap?

He got in trouble for resisting a rest!

Letter Jokes

What martial art can Susie do?


Did you hear the Pickles family had a day out at the zoo

They really relished it!

What do the twins Lillian and Phillip call each other?


How did Dill tell his mum he had a wet nappy?

He sent her a pee-mail!

Why did Stu bring home a small lizard?

He was told to go buy a baby monitor!

Why does Didi dress Dill in onesies?

Because he can’t dress himself!

A baby holding a football in a big stadium

How do you handle Chuckie when he’s having a tantrum?