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20 Phunny Phineas & Ferb Jokes!

We know what you're gonna do today! Have a laugh at these funny Phineas and Ferb jokes, that's what!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  March 19th 2022

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What colour is an old platypus?


Knock knock. Who's there? Candace. Candace who?

Who Candace be now?

Why couldn't Doofenshmirtz do his fractions?

A maths cheetah

Because Perry got rid of the denom-inator!

What do you get if you cross Perry with a scruffy old tom cat?

A duck billed tatty puss!

Why does nobody buy dinner for Perry?

A sandwich on a wooden floor

Because he has such a big bill!

What do you call Perry when he's eating a burger?

A patty-pus!

How did Perry order a meal at the restaurant?

"The soup please... just put it on my bill!"

Did you hear Doof created some deer-plant hybrids?

He wanted to add to the local fawna!

I saw Phineas with his triangular head sat under a tree

Wow! 90 degrees in the shade!

Why does Doof smell so nice?

He cologned himself!

Whats black and white and red all over?

Doof, after rolling in paint!

Whats pink and white and red all over?

Isabella when she sees Phineas!

Knock knock. Who’s there? Candace. Candace who?

Candace joke get any worse!

I’d tell you a joke about Phineas...

But I’d lose the point and it’d go over your head!

What’s Isabella’s favourite instrument?

The triangle!

What’s the difference between a boomerang and the show Phineas & Ferb?

One comes back eventually!

What do you call a drawing of Perry?

Paper the Flatypus!

What's the name of that show where 2 kids season stews?

Phineas and Herb!

What did the orangutan say to Dr Doofenschmirtz?

It worked!

Why does Phineas always lose at fencing?

Because he can't parry the Platypus!

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