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20 Motorbike Jokes That Will Never Get Tyred!

You'll Harley stop laughing with these funny motorbike jokes and puns! Check them out!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  September 28th 2023

These funny motorbike jokes are raring to go! And if you liked these funny motorbike puns, how about some shell-arious prawn jokes? Or maybe you're ready for some chill fridge jokes? We've even got these egg-cellent chicken jokes! And of course, there are hundreds more on our main jokes hub!

What do motorcyclists eat in the summer?


What do you get when you cross a Donkey with a Motorcycle?

A Yam-hee-haw!

How do Jedi keep their motorcycle tyres in place?

They use the forks!

How do Harley Davidson owners greet their parents?

With Hogs and kisses!

Why should you always carry hay on your motorbike?

Because hay improves horsepower!

I got a motorbike for my brother last week

Best trade ever!

Why did the tomato get a motorbike?

To ketchup with her friends!

Who sings Reggae and rides a motorbike?

Bob Harley!

What motorbike does Santa ride?

A Holly Davidson!

What web browser does a motorbike use?


What motorbike do ghosts ride?

A boo-cati!

I love motorbikes

I think they're wheely cool!

What sort of person makes coffins and rides motorbikes badly?

An undertaker!

What do you call a laughing motorcycle?

A Yamahahahaha!

What do you call a vicar on a motorcycle?


What noise does a pirate's motorbike make?

Ruuuum rum rum ruumm!

Other people don’t like me queue jumping...

Especially when I use my motorbike!

Why did the motorbike stay at home?

It was two tired!

What noise does a witches' motorbike make?

Broom broom!

What's a motorbike's favourite food?