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The Ultimate Nailed It Quiz

How well do you know this fail-tastic baking show? Take this quiz to find out - it tastes better than it looks, honest!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 14th 2022
1/12 A man takes a bite of cake

Nailed it is a bit like an American version of what well-known British show?

2/12 The chef from Nailed It!
@jacquestorreschocolate | instagram

What's the name of the chef?

3/12 A messy kitchen

Who makes Nailed it?

4/12 A clip from Nailed It
Nailed It | Netflix

Who is this supposed to be?

5/12 Nicole and Jacques from Nailed It
@Nailedit | instagram

Nicole and Chef Jacques are friends in real life. True or false?

6/12 A smiling trophy

What do you get for winning Nailed it?

7/12 Someone getting caked in the face

Nail it or...what?

8/12 A red button about to be pressed

What kind of button do the contestants have?

9/12 A squished cake dog
@nailedit | instagram

Here's a tricky one! Who's dog is this?

10/12 A green cake with a face
Nailed It | Netflix

What was this cake supposed to be?

11/12 A messy blue cake
Nailed It | Netflix

What kind of cake was this meant to be?

12/12 Nicole looks shocked
@nailedit | giphy

Which of these things has Nicole done on the show?

Oh dear! Have you watched much Nailed It? No? Well, here's your excuse!

Pretty decent! You've certainly seen a few episodes! But can you do better on a different quiz?

Nicely done! You pretty much nailed it! But can you beat this score on a different quiz?

Wahooo! You did it! Quiz = NAILED!