New Doctor Who Costume: Revealed!

Soon we get to meet the new Doctor when Jodie Whittaker takes over the Tardis in the Christmas special! We've got a sneak peek at her costume! Do you like it?

Soon, we will get to meet the new Doctor!

She'll be taking over the TARDIS in the Christmas special!

Image by Doctor Who | YouTube

Peter Capaldi will regenerate and we'll have the first EVER female Doctor


Image by BBC America | YouTube

And now the BBC have revealed the Doctors new costume!


Image by

Pretty cool... right?!


Image by BBC America | YouTube

But maybe it would be even BETTER with a JoJo Bow?

Looking good!

Image by / @itsjojosiwa | Instagram

Or the Tardis could be a giant squishy?


Image by / @happy_squishy000 | Instagram

Or the new Doctor could wear this amazing t-shirt instead?

Gnasher would make a great time travelling companion, too!

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What do you think of the new costume?

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