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Owl Jokes!

These owl jokes are an absolute HOOT! Seriously, you'll be 'owling with laughter!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  July 8th 2021

Owls are regarded as the wisest of all creatures, but that doesn't stop us telling some jokes about these winged nerds! 

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What does a clever owl say?


An owl flying

What’s the best date to tell an owl joke?


An owl against the Northern Lights

What did the cat wearing a bird disguise say?


Cat in owl mask

Which prison was the naughty owl sent to?


An owl in owl prison

What do you call an owl who works in a hospital?

Doctor Hoo!

An owl doctor, if there was such a thing

What does an owl use to dry themselves after a bath?

A t-owl!

An owl in a copper bath

What do you get if you cross an owl with a dog?

A growl!

An owl and a dog

How long does an owl live?

Six and a half books!

Hedwig and Harry Potter

Did you hear about the owl who had a sore throat?

They didn’t give a hoot!

An owl giving a silent hoot

What is an owl’s favourite part of autumn?


A brown owl wearing green sunglasses

Why did the owl watch the American football game?

They wanted to see the superb owl!

An owl in front of the USA flag

Why is always good to have an owl as a friend?

Because they’re a hoot!

An owl giving the thumbs up

What is an owl’s favourite board game?

Guess Hoooo!

An owl on a popular board game

What is an owl’s favourite subject?


Algebra owl

What do you call an owl who’s good at quizzes?

A know it owl!

A clever owl

What do you call an owl wearing a suit of armour?

A knight owl!

An owl in a suit of armour

What's more awesome than a talking owl?

A spelling bee!

An owl wearing an eyepatch

Why did the owl throw a party?

They didn’t want to be owl by themselves!

An owl in a party hat

What is an owl’s favourite dessert?

Mice cream!

An owl with an ice cream cone

Why do owls never sing in the rain?

It’s too wet to woo!

An owl in the rain
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