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Personality Quiz: Which Netflix Show Should You Be A Star Of?

Answer these simple questions and we'll tell you which Netflix show you should be in. Easy!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

There's one way to find out. QUIZ!

1/10 A woman thinking about this question

How would your friends describe you?


Do you make people laugh?

3/10 A person holding a pile of clothes

What sort of clothes do you wear?

4/10 A dog wearing a hat

What sort of hat suits you best?

5/10 An actor on stage behind a red velvet curtain

Can you act?

6/10 A woman holding a clapperboard

Are you comfortable speaking on camera?


7/10 Pick a piece of fruit.

8/10 A dog in a dressing gown being quite the diva

How much of a diva would you be on a film or TV set?

9/10 Studying the Loud House

When would you do your homework?

10/10 An elderly basketball player

What will you do when you become famous?

A Series of Unfortunate Events
A Series of Unfortunate Events | Netflix

Your Netflix show is: A Series of Unfortunate Events!

You should watch the latest series and find out what mischief Lemony Snicket is up to!

Pinky Malinky
Pinky Malinky | Netflix

Your Netflix show is: Pinky Malinky!

If you've ever wanted to watch a hilarious cartoon about a daft hot dog, this is the show for you!

Fuller House
Fuller House | Netflix

Your Netflix show is: Fuller House!

Watch this Netflix comedy about DJ Tanner-Fuller's family, who shares a home with her sister Stephanie and friend Kimmy.

Trollhunters | Netflix

Your Netflix show is: Trollhunters!

In the mood for an animated fantasy series? You won't regret watching this amazing show!