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The Ultimate Project MC2 Quiz

Have you ever wondered what it would be like working for a top-secret spy organisation dedicated to keeping your country safe from hackers, corrupt business tycoons, and more general run-of-the-mill super villains. If the answers YES then you've probably checked out the Netflix show, Project MC2. It's a perfect combination of comedy, action, science and technology that will leave you gasping for breath. We love it so much we decided to make a quiz about it.

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

How much do you know about the four girls of Project MC2 and their battle against the forces of evil. Can you answer enough questions to save the world? Or will you blow the mission with your lack of knowledge. Take our MC2 quiz and find out!

1/12 A person clearly keen on doing homework

Project MC2 is...


Who do the girls in Project MC2 work for?

3/12 A chocolate cake

Generally the show features a lot of...


Which member of Project MC2 is this?


5/12 And what animal was she known as...


Which member of Project MC2 is this?


And what kind of footwear does she always wear?


Which member of Project MC2 is this?


What is the Prince's name?


10/12 What organisation do the girls think is trying to kidnap the Prince?


Who causes all technology to glitch in Maywood Glenn?

12/12 A man watching a scary film

How does Retro try to get rid of the girls?

Oh no! Your lack of knowledge about Project MC2 means that Blackstar triumph!

You're knowledge of Project MC2 manages to save Prince Xander but Retro escapes to fight another day!

Your advanced knowledge of Project MC2 means that NOV8 manage to round up all the baddies and save Prince Xander! Well done. Have a shiny medal!